With a mixer from Staring, you get perfect blending every time! If you are looking for a reliable option for mixing cement, mortar, adhesive, plaster, epoxy, or concrete, Staring mixers are a great choice.

No matter if you are working on a large construction site or smaller projects, we have a mixer that can handle the task. You can trust our mixers to get the job done right.

Our product range includes bucket mixers, gravity mixers, forced-action mixers, paddle mixers, and compulsory mixers.

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Our 300-liter compulsory mixer is the perfect choice for professional masons and contractors working on large construction sites. With an impressive capacity of up to 300 liters, it can handle even the biggest jobs.

For smaller tasks, we recommend our Mini Mixer STB-65. It’s a user-friendly and incredibly handy mixer with powerful performance. The STB-65 is so compact that it can be stored in the trunk of a large station wagon when lowered.

We have a wide selection of mixers available, designed to meet various requirements. Our SM-90 compulsory mixer is a versatile option that comes with the choice of steel or rubber blades.

Since 1962

For larger jobs, our Mega1000 mixer can deliver up to 1800 kg of refractory material in a single mix, thanks to its integrated water dosing system. Staring was established in 1962, and we have been continuously developing our mixers ever since.

Our refractory mixers are equipped with electronic water dosing, and our patented vibration system ensures that all mixing materials are easily loosened and flow down through the discharge funnel without any difficulty.

Withstand wear and tear

Durability is a top priority for Staring mixers. We recognize the importance of reliability in the workplace, which is why our mixers are equipped with S1 motors that are designed to run continuously without interruption.

They are constructed to withstand wear and tear and produce reliable outcomes repeatedly, ensuring consistency in your work.

Contractors, masons, and rental companies worldwide prefer our quality and reliable Staring mixers. Our Staring mixers offer not only efficiency and reliability but also user-friendliness.

These mixers are designed to be easy to operate, clean, and work with. All of our models are equipped with puncture-free wheels, allowing for effortless transportation on any surface.

Whether you have a small task or a big challenge, Staring has the right mixer for you. If you want to achieve perfect blends every time, choose Staring mixers. Contact us today and experience the difference!