The Staring Mega 750 is the second-largest refractory mixer, excelling in efficient blending of refractory materials. With  a 750L capacity, this mixer is tailored to meet various needs in refractory material blending, particularly in cases involving low cement content (LCC).


  • 30,0 kW Electric motor 3×400 Volt 50 Hz
    • For mixing approx; 1200kg LCC.
  • Hinged cover with a safety cut-out
    • Customize the cover – select either a Grid Cover or a sealed cover with additional options such as an inspection door, a hopper for small sacks, etc.
  • Powerful european-manufactured gearbox
  • Hydraulic operated discharge door complete
  • Replaceable Liner (Wear plates)
  • Easy Cleaning mixing head replaceable without tools. 
  • Adjustable and replaceable mixing arms made of chrome
  • Replaceable mixing paddles coated with durable metal