Company profile


  • Manufacturing and sales of STARING mixers and vibrating equipment for the construction, civil engineering, and industrial sectors.
  • Sales of submersible pumps, both our own and from TSURUMI and PEDROLLO.
  • Sales of RUBI tile cutters and associated tools.
  • Sales of LIEVERS poker vibrators and other concrete equipment.
  • Manufacturing and sales of diamond tools. 
  • Sales of dehumidifiers.
  • Sales of ventilators and flexible hoses for ventilation.
  • Sales of EURO SHATAL plate compactors.
  • Construction of plants – both mixing plants and pumping systems.
  • Production and sales of post supports.

60 Years Strong: More Active Than Ever!

STARING A/S in Broenderslev celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2022.
The company was founded in 1962 on Staringvej in Broenderslev, which is still its address today.

Helmer Larsen

Helmer Larsen, who was employed at Pedershaab in Broenderslev at the time, had the aspiration to be in control of his own destiny. He began by producing a 150 L drum mixer, and in 1971, STARING introduced its first forced mixer, a product that would significantly shape Helmer’s future.

In 1986, Helmer Larsen sold the company to IM Stiholt A/S in Saeby, subsequently known as Stiholt. STARING continued its operations unchanged, and in 1990, STARING acquired another local company known as Cementstoeberiernes Redskabsforsyning, more commonly referred to as CR.


At that time, Tommy Bredal was hired, who is now the owner and CEO of the company.

Similarly, in 1990, STARING obtained exclusive distribution rights for the Japanese pump brand TSURUMI. Back then, Toyota’s products were known for their susceptibility to rust, making it challenging to sell Japanese products to the Danish market. However, this perception would undergo a significant transformation.

In 1992, CR was relocated so that both companies were situated on Staringvej.

Staring Miljø A/S

In 2000, STARING developed an acidification plant for manure. STARING took charge of the project and its development until 2004, when the company underwent a split, giving rise to Staring Maskinfabrik A/S and Staring Miljø A/S. Tommy Bredal, who served as the director for both entities, welcomed Michael Østergaard, who is now a co-owner of the company, as the Purchasing Manager.

During that period, Staring Maskinfabrik A/S remained under the ownership of Stiholt, while Staring Miljø A/S had Stiholt holding a 40% stake, Grundfos holding another 40%, Landbrugsrådet with 10%, and the remaining 10% distributed among two employees.

Two independent companies

In 2007, STARING Maskinfabrik and Staring Miljø became independent. Stiholt and Grundfos then solely owned staring Miljø 50/50. The company was relocated to Aalborg and changed its name to INFARM.

Expanded Product Range with Fewer Owners

In 2010, Leif Stiholt, Michael Østergaard, and Tommy Bredal bought out STARING from IM Stiholt A/S.

Later on, the remaining co-owners, Michael Østergaard and Tommy Bredal, who are now the sole owners of the company, bought Leif Stiholt out of STARING A/S.

From being a company solely focused on producing mixers and plate compactors, the company has evolved into a market leader in contractor pumps for the construction industry. It also leads the market in mixers, tile cutters, ventilators, and more. Additionally, dehumidifiers and diamond tools contribute significantly to the company’s revenue.

A Booming Business

STARING A/S has successfully navigated both financial and COVID-19 crises, expanding its product range every year and simultaneously increasing its earnings. Additionally, the company has received an award as a Successful Business for the past two years. Boasting a team of 4 field sales representatives covering the Danish market, along with branches in Sweden, India, and Roedby, and a committed workforce in Broenderslev, where even the shortest tenure is 7 years, STARING is experiencing rapid and robust growth.

Despite its long-standing presence, the company thrives with an unparalleled level of activity, continually embarking on new projects.