About us

Staring has partnership agreements with all the leading suppliers in the Danish construction industry. The company is frequently the preferred choice for large and specialized construction and infrastructure projects, making it a trusted partner in the Danish construction industry. 

Great expertise

Staring has built up extensive expertise in machinery and equipment for the construction industry over 60 years. This ensures a great experience in dealing with a company that is more than experienced enough to be an expert in its field, but at the same time always aims to evolve and keep up with the times.

Thoroughly tested quality

We prioritize delivering products that we have complete confidence in and can fully support. Our products are thoroughly tested, so we know what they can do, but even more importantly, we are aware of their limitations.

We place great importance on delivery agreements, quality, price, products, and the best solutions because we aim to provide our customers and distributors with the best experience.

When you make an agreement with us, we all work to provide you with first-class service.

Preferred choice

We strive to be the primary supplier, which we are in many areas with a vast product range of over 1000 items. When someone mentions terms like ‘concrete,’ ‘pumps,’ ’tile tools,’ ‘dehumidification,’ and more, we want ‘Staring’ to be the first thing that comes to mind. 


Staring’s history is longer than most. Below is a brief summary of what has happened since Staring was founded in 1962.

  • 1962: Establishment of STARING MASKINFABRIK in Broenderslev by Helmer Larsen.
  • 1986: Takeover by IM STIHOLT A/S in Saeby.
  • 1990: Staring acquires Cementstøberiernes Redskabsforsyning in Brønderslev (CR).
  • 1992: The two companies, STARING and CR are merged and located together on Starengvej in Brønderslev. 
  • 2000: Development of the NH4+ acidification system for the agricultural industry.
  • 2004: STARING Maskinfabrik A/S is split into two new companies:
  • STARING MILJØ A/S, with ownership consisting of Grundfos, Stiholt, the Agricultural Council, and two employees.
  • STARING MASKINFABRIK A/S, with IM Stiholt A/S as the sole owner.
  • 2007: STARING MILJØ A/S relocates to Aalborg and changes its name to Infarm A/S.
  • 2014: STARING MASKINFABRIK A/S is bought out by IM STIHOLT A/S and changes its name to STARING A/S. Leif Stiholt, Michael Østergaard, and Tommy Bredal now own the company.
  • 2016: Leif Stiholt is bought out of the company, and it is now owned by Michael Østergaard and Tommy Bredal.
  • 2020: The company establishes offices in multiple locations, including Rødbyhavn.

Large deliveries

Throughout the years, many orders have been processed, and some of the more notable ones include;

  • A large mixing plant for Thule Air Base in Greenland. The plant was delivered with one 1000 L mixer, mounted in a container. Additionally, there were four containers for aggregates and an office with control systems. 
  • Several container plants for projects in Romania and Samoa, including one with a 3000 L compulsory mixer and a 75 kW motor for India.
  • A large plant with multiple silos, including three outdoor 60-ton silos, weighing systems for 10 aggregates, and a 3000 L mixer for the port of Aarhus (2021).
  • Numerous LSC-4 pumps installed every 100 meters in the Copenhagen Metro.
  • A significant pumping system for a wind turbine park in Southern Jutland, Denmark.
  • A series of silos with continuous mixers for construction sites in Denmark.
  • Supplier of apprentice sets for tile masons.

These are just a few examples of the diverse and significant deliveries that have been made over time. 

Donations and Sponsorships

“Staring supports a range of different purposes, and despite not making huge donations, it still ends up being something that hopefully makes a difference in the end. Staring has been donating for many years and will continue to donate during Denmark’s collection. Through Denmark’s collection, Staring has been donating to Cancer Society for many years, and most recently, they have also contributed to the Ukraine fundraising campaign. 

Over time, Staring has also been a sponsor for many different individuals, clubs, and events, including supporting local sports. As a rule, Staring prefers to sponsor at a local level, such as when customers host events, competitions, bingo, or similar activities.

Recently, we also became sponsors for the tile masons at the Danish Skills Competition in 2022.

Local and International

Staring naturally delivers to our nearby markets.

In addition, we supply machines to India, China, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Cameroon, Argentina, Malaysia, and Vietnam – virtually the whole world – every year.

A significant portion of the production still takes place in Broenderslev, where the mixers are built from scratch in our own workshop.

From the moment a customer places an order until Staring ships the goods, several steps are involved:

For special products or installations, an order is created. The project is then designed, and the customer receives the drawing for approval, followed by an order confirmation.

The installation is produced, and in 9 out of 10 cases, it is set up at the factory for testing. The customer is offered the opportunity to participate in the testing.

Next, the order is packaged and sent to the customer. Upon receiving the order, Staring frequently takes part in the startup process, ensuring safety measures are followed and providing the customer with valuable training and guidance.

Production, quality, and safety.

A part of our products is still manufactured in Broenderslev, but many are also produced far away from our headquarters. In order to ensure favorable conditions, uphold supplier quality, adhere to safety standards, and promote continuous development, we conduct a minimum of two visits per year from one of our employees. 

We aim to offer customers the optimal solution while upholding our credibility.

We uphold honesty as a core value. For instance, when we indicate that a motor has a power rating of 1.5 kW, it genuinely operates at 1.5 kW (S1). We recognize that other manufacturers of forced mixers may opt to present a higher value, such as 2.2 kW, but this cannot be directly compared as they employ a different standard known as S6. Regardless of what our colleagues in the industry state, the most powerful motor available for a given mixer size will always be found in a Staring mixer. 

We are dedicated to maintaining a leading position in safety and ergonomics, and we actively welcome feedback and suggestions from end-users for continuous improvement. Our objective is to ensure safety without compromising functionality, enabling our customers to maintain a high level of safety without the need to remove any components simply because they may seem inconvenient. 

We have a keen interest in collaborating with partners.

Staring regularly conducts joint visits with dealers throughout the year. If a dealer expresses interest in products they are not completely familiar with, Staring gladly accompanies them on these visits, providing physical product demonstrations and detailed explanations. These joint visits and thorough presentations often lead to subsequent orders.