Conveyor Belts

With a Staring conveyor belt, moving cement, concrete, rubble, and much more has never been easier! Are you looking for reliable and efficient conveyor belts? Then Staring is your ideal partner.

In addition to the industry’s best conveyor belts in sizes of 3, 4.5, and 6 meters, we can also tailor belts to your specific needs.

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3,0 m Conveyor Belts

CONVEYOR BELT 3 M. produktbillede


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4,5 m Conveyor Belts

CONVEYOR BELT 4.5 M produktbillede


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Our conveyor belts are used extensively in the construction industry but have also proven to be perfect for basement excavations with narrow access or other hard-to-reach places. Moreover, they are optimal for filling mixers with materials like cement, gravel, concrete, soil, rubble, sand, and mortar.

Staring conveyor belts of 4.5 and 6 meters are uniquely equipped with two motors instead of the usual one. This enhances the belt’s strength and performance, making it even more efficient at handling heavy loads.

Included transport

Another advantage of Staring Conveyor Belts is the included transport carriage. The lightweight of the conveyor belt combined with the transport carriage makes it incredibly easy to handle and position the belt correctly. The lifting handles at both ends make it easy to maneuver the belt, even in work areas with challenging conditions.

The included aggregate hopper can be placed at one end of the belt and at multiple locations as desired. The aggregate hopper ensures optimal loading. Staring Conveyor Belts are designed with easy maintenance in mind. The mounted felt edge along the sides prevents materials from getting under the belt, minimizing the cleaning need.

The belt is constructed without cumbersome rollers and instead runs smoothly on a stainless steel plate. One of our key strengths is customized solutions for customers. This also applies to conveyor belts, as there are nearly no limits to the adaptions we can make.

Our conveyor belts have already proven their value and reliability in the construction industry and various other applications. Their durability, strength, and user-friendliness have made them a favorite among professionals in the field. Our salespeople and customer service are ready if you want to learn more about the industry’s best conveyor belts, so contact Staring today.”