Staring Silos are Customized Solutions for Efficient Material Handling! Are you looking for silos that meet your specific needs? Staring has the technical expertise and many years of experience to help you achieve your goals. In addition to our range of standard systems, which include 1.2 m3 and 1.8 m3 silos, we specialize in custom solutions for unique requirements. Our silos are particularly suitable for filling big bags, construction tasks where bag filling is too slow and costly, and situations where larger silos are too big and expensive.

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Continuous mixer (Flow- through mixer)

FLOW THROUGH MIXER STB 50L produktbillede


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1.2 m3

A Staring Silo can be tailored to individual requirements and often comes with accessories such as augers, flow-through mixers with various capacities (10-50 L/min), weighing systems, timed dosing, water dosing, slide dampers, grids for collecting larger clumps, fork pockets, and height-adjustable legs. In other words, we create our silos in collaboration with you to perfectly match your needs and ensure efficient handling regardless of the material. What sets Staring Silos apart from competitors is our ability to provide customized solutions. Our specialization lies in adapting silos to meet 100% of the customer’s needs. We understand the importance of meeting with our customers both at our facilities and at their locations to ensure that the silo system fits their specific requirements and space. Our silos are designed for optimal storage and handling of materials. As a standard feature, our silos come with vibration motors that effectively prevent bridging and ensure a smooth material flow. Staring Silos have already helped many customers address their challenges in material handling. Our adaptability and focus on customer satisfaction have made us a reliable partner in the industry. If you are seeking a tailored solution for efficient material handling, contact Staring Silos today. We are dedicated to delivering quality products that fit your precise needs and ensure optimal efficiency in your business.”