A medium-sized mobile mixer for construction sites that can see the advantages and cost-efficiency of making their own mixtures.

The mixing blades are mounted on a specially designed mixing head, which is loosely mounted on the main shaft. This reduces wear and simplifies cleaning, as the mixing head can be lifted out of the drum without the use of tools.

The mixing drum is mounted on the inclined legs, providing stable support during mixing. Sturdy transport wheels with ball bearings tested for heavy loads, make the mixer mobile.

The thick bottom, robust sides, and strong bottom hatch ensure a long lifespan and make the STB500 a heavyweight on the construction site.

The lid is hinged, allowing one person to open it. Additionally, the lid is equipped with a magnetic safety switch that shuts off the mixer when the lid is lifted. The grid lid is fitted with a bag cutter.

Sturdy lifting lugs on the mixing drum make it possible to move the mixer with a crane, construction site lift, or forklift. The lid can be custom-made as per agreement and offer.

The mixer includes:

  • Safety lid
  • Magnetic switch on the lid
  • Transport wheels
  • Safety lid with bag cutter
  • Shield at the discharge point
  • Lifting lugs

Recommended for use with:

  • Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Leca
  • Dry mixtures

Mixing capacity L.


Motor size kW (S1)


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