Staring trolley mixer with a 75L plastic bucket, specifically designed for the application of floor leveling compound. This model of trolley mixer makes it easy to handle many smaller tasks where using a piping system is preferable to a bucket mixer or a pan mixer. The mixing wagon can be used with a handle that is easily mounted on the edge. This special handle is used for securing the piping system. Once the piping system is secured, you can easily and effortlessly create your mixtures in an ergonomically correct position, without putting a strain on your shoulders. Subsequently, the trolley can be easily transported to the task, where the trolley is designed to tip and distribute the material evenly without difficulty. With the special handle, the piping system can be fastened during distribution.

When the correct whisk is used on the piping system, uniform and smooth mixtures without lumps can be achieved.

Applications: Putty, plaster, mortar, tile adhesive, glue, epoxy (resin), cement mixtures with fine particles

Complete trolley mixer includes:

Trolley mixer including handle for the piping system – Staring product number: STB-00750000CHK 75L

Plastic bucket for the mixing wagon – Staring product number: STB-0075001CHK

Mixing tub capacity L.


Weight kg.


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