Conveyor belts for most needs

Conveyor belts from Staring A/S set an entirely new standard for user possibilities. With Staring’s products, you get a portable conveyor belt in a smart and sturdy construction, capable of moving materials in both directions. They can be adjusted in height and speed, making them suitable for use in both attics and basements.

Cleaning the conveyor belt is almost completely eliminated. A felt edge is mounted on the sides of the belt. This edge seals tightly to the rubber belt, preventing material from getting drawn into the underside of the belt.

Efficient and safe conveyor belts

The versatility and efficiency of the machines are demonstrated by the ability to use the conveyors both for material movement and for adding new material without manually turning the belt. This means that the work can be done by one person, making the mobile and portable conveyors extremely practical. The closed side profile ensures extremely high load capacity while maintaining top-notch safety.

Staring offers conveyors in various lengths to meet your specific needs, whether it’s soil, concrete, or another material. Lengths are available in 4.5 meters and 6 meters.

For 60 years, Staring has gained extensive expertise in equipment, machinery, and other products for the construction and civil engineering industry. Staring A/S has the conveyor belt for you. We guarantee that we will do our best to find a solution that suits you. Our prices are good and competitive. We determine what your perfect solution is.

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