Choose the right diamond blades

Is your project in need of a tool to cut through heavy materials? With the right diamond blades, you can cut materials such as concrete, granite, bricks, and much more. With blades of professional quality, the experienced craftsman can go a long way.

Are you on the lookout for a set of good diamond blades? At Staring A/S, we have a wide range of quality-assured blades that suit your needs. Staring’s blades are available in several varieties. We can meet all kinds of requirements for materials, speed, and strength.

Which diamond blades should be added to your collection?

When finding the right blade, consider where you’ll be using it. Staring’s blades are available with a continuous or segmented edge. You can get blades for concrete, tiles, bricks, and much more. Staring has blades for every material.

You can also purchase a set for concrete, universal, paint, soft, and dust collector. This provides efficient grinding of uneven surfaces and removes old coatings such as paint, epoxy, and glue. Diamond cup stones can be used for wet and dry grinding. The equipment’s lifespan is extended if you allow it to cool down regularly.

Staring A/S offers a wide range of diamond blades. We guarantee that we can find a solution that suits your needs. We have equipment for you, no matter what the blade needs to be used for. We determine what your perfect solution is. For 60 years, we have gained extensive expertise in equipment, machinery, and other products for the construction and civil engineering industry.

Do you need the perfect diamond blades? Would you like to have a conversation about Staring A/S and our services? Or do you have questions about our products or your needs? Then you can contact us today at phone: +45 98 82 16 22 or via email: – We look forward to hearing from you!