Easy Hammer Concrete Remover is a chemical product for the removal of concrete from most surfaces.

It does not damage rubber, glass, aluminum, used painted or unpainted surfaces.
Easy Hammer concrete remover is an efficient and environmentally friendly chemical for cleaning concrete and cement from machinery, tools, and concrete trucks.

Field of Application: Easy Hammer Concrete Remover can be used on almost all surfaces. However, EASY HAMMER may cause discoloration on the surface of electro-galvanized products.

Execution: ALWAYS try Easy Hammer on a very small area the first time. Wait and observe the effect before using it on larger or multiple surfaces.

Preliminary treatment: The substrate should be dry to ensure the best invasion.


Working temperature: min. 5°C – max. 40°C
At lower temperatures, the action is slower.
Avoid working in direct sunlight as it shortens the lifespan and reduces efficiency.
Allow the concrete remover to work until a white layer is left, and then rinse with a high-pressure cleaner.
Repeat the treatment if necessary.
Concrete remover must not be used on marble and other calcium-containing products.


Used undiluted.
Applied with a spray.

Can be diluted up to 50% with water when removing thin layers of concrete.
Applied with a foamer.

When soaking in Foam, the product can be diluted by 50% with water and covered with a lid.

  • For more sizes, refer to the product data sheet.




5 L syringe