STARING STP2-480DW is a traditional submersible pump that is also suitable as a “water vacuum.”

The STP2-480DW is a compact, lightweight pump with high efficiency, designed with a solid base that allows for the suction of residual water down to a 1.0 mm water level. A check valve on the suction side prevents water from flowing back even when the pump is stopped.

The base is equipped with a rubber plate to ensure that the pump does not damage or scratch the surface it is placed on.

The pump’s outlet can be rotated so that the discharge is perpendicular to the pump. This is a significant advantage when the pump is placed on the floor, as it prevents kinking of the hose.

The pump comes with thermal protection, a 10m rope, hose adapter mounted on a 1″ thread, where Storz coupling can also be attached, and a 10m cable with an approved impact-resistant plug.

The STP2-480DW is suitable for:

  • Complete drainage after water leakage
  • Total drainage of containers after cleaning
  • Complete drainage of swimming pools
  • Draining concrete decks
  • Draining low-lying construction sites


Submersible pump

Intended for

Water suction

Outlet Size in inches


Voltage Volts

230 V

Motor size kW

0,48 kW

Max. Capacity L./min.


Max. Lift height m.


Weight kg.


Product no.