The range of TS-MAX manual cutters offers professionals a light and functional tool. RUBI TS-MAX manual cutters are ideal for intensive cutting of ceramic tiles in general, especially for frequent cutting of porcelain tiles (BIa type).

All models in the range of TS-MAX manual cutters include a practical, high performance single point breaker with 800 kg of maximum breaking pressure, specially designed for cutting very hard materials with maximum thicknesses of 15 mm.

This breaker includes the SMART POWER function via which the breaker itself regulates the breaking pressure depending on the thickness of the tile, applying maximum pressure to materials of greater thickness.

The bimaterial handles on the TS-MAX manual cutters, have an impeccable ergonomic design, giving the user greater comfort while working.

All TS-MAX manual cutter models include a large lateral stop for better gripping of ceramic tiles, and more precision in repetitive cuts.

RUBI TS-MAX manual cutters are equipped with a large reinforced base to give the professional greater comfort and stability while working. TS-MAX manual cutters are equipped with two chromed steel guides, rectified and calibrated, and with anti-corrosion treatment. This double guide system offers the user better and greater visibility of the scoring line, thus obtaining high precision in every cut.

The possibility of using the full range of RUBI interchangeable scoring wheels from 6 to 22 mm, allows for adapting TS-MAX manual cutters to each ceramic material, and achieving maximum performance and cut quality. TS-MAX manual cutters include two scoring wheels as standard: one of 6 mm for cutting the tile and another of 10 mm for glazed stoneware.

Finally, we should highlight one of the most distinctive and specific aspects of RUBI manual cutters: the transport case with reinforced latches and hinges, to protect and facilitate the mobility of our TS-MAX manual cutters.


ITEM NO.: 18980 – DB nr .: 1421869 – Maintenance Kit

ITEM NO.: 01945 – DB nr .: 1421625 – 6 mm Scoring Wheel
ITEM NO.: 01958 – DB nr .: 1421629 – 8 mm Scoring Wheel
ITEM NO.: 01946 – DB nr .: 1421626 – 10 mm Scoring Wheel
ITEM NO.: 01950 – DB nr .: 1421628 – 18 mm Scoring Wheel
ITEM NO.: 01961 – DB nr .: 1421631 – 22 mm Scoring Wheel

Max. Flisebredde
43 cm
Max. Flise længde
43 cm
Max. Diagonalsnit
30x30 cm
Max. Tykkelse
6-15 mm
800 kg
Vægt kg.
8,8 kg
Vare nr.
Tun nr.