The RUBI TILE LEVEL QUICK leveling system is ideal for laying large-format tiles (minimum required size: 30×30 cm) and thicknesses between 3 mm and 16 mm, using the double gluing technique.

The plier allows the regulation of the pressure according to the thickness of the ceramic tile, allowing the user to always perform the right and necessary pressure at all times and thus facilitating the use of the system for those users who are not accustomed.

The TILE LEVEL QUICK prevents the movement of the pieces during the setting of the adhesive and improves the resulting surface flatness.

Thanks to the TILE LEVEL QUICK, the ceramic tile fixer sees how the fixing time is reduced and improves the profitability of your ceramic tile installation work.

Thanks to the reduced strip thickness, the RUBI TILE LEVEL QUICK leveling system guarantees the minimum 1.5 mm installation joint.

Thanks to the circular base and its conical design, RUBI TILE LEVEL QUICK Caps ensure that the pressure made on the ceramic tiles is distributed homogeneously. Thus ensuring, a homogeneous resulting flatness for the entire surface. The vertical pressure system exerted by the caps of the TILE LEVEL QUICK leveling system prevents the professional laying agent from constantly controlling which of the two tiles is higher than the other.

The Caps of the TILE LEVEL QUICK are manufactured in POM which, thanks to its high resistance, allows these elements to be reused several times.

The TUB LEVEL QUICK Strips from RUBI are designed to be used for both horizontal and vertical ceramic tile installation (flooring). The function of the TILE LEVEL QUICK Pliers from RUBI is to give the TILE LEVEL QUICK Cap the necessary pressure to allow the leveling of the tile; thus obtaining a homogeneous resulting flatness.

The TILE LEVEL QUICK Pliers are designed so that the professional tile installer who has to work on large surfaces can enjoy greater comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design with bi-material handles and being made of very light and resistant materials .

In RUBI we have always been concerned with the health of the professional. Within the design of our tools the concept of ergonomics is always very present, since we believe that safety and the fact of minimizing the risks of injury at work are fundamental for health and for a correct execution.
Product highlights

It avoids the generation of eyebrows during the laying of ceramic tiles, both in pavements and in coatings.
Compatible with tiles with a thickness between 3 and 16 mm.
For 30×30 cm formats and more. Always double gluing.
Guarantees the flatness and regularity of the placement surface.
Easy use
Removal of the system by impact. Always in the sense of the joint.


Made of technical polymer non-hygroscopic.
Reusable caps.Made of POM. Its design ensures even distribution of the contact pressure.
Doesn’t need soaking before use.
Ergonomic design with bi-material handle. Made of very light and resistant materials. Tighten regulation system depending on the thickness of the ceramic tile.
The strip thickness guarantees minimum grout of 1 mm.
The set consists of pliers, 100 strips and 100 reusable caps. Packaged in a handy bucket.
Ensures continuous tension between strips and caps
Grooved bases to improve the wetting of ceramic tile.


Sæt inkl tang, 100 strips & 100 caps



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