The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS transport system is specially designed for handling large format, thin porcelain tiles up to 320 cm long.

The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS can be used as a supplement to the SLIM CUTTER manual cutter (Ref. 18911).

It consists of a set of two extruded aluminium guides, retractable and adjustable from 160 to 320

The 10 clamping suction cups allow the tile fixer to adjust the fixing points, ensuring the handling of the porcelain tiles. For proper fixing of the system, we must ensure that the tile surface is cleaned of dust or other debris.

The set has 6 handles (3 per guide) that can be adjusted and positioned along the entire length of the guide, facilitating and adapting the SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS to each moment and format.

The maximum load capacity of the set is 60 kg.

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Max. Flise længde

310 cm.

Max. Tykkelse

60 kg.

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