The SLIM CUTTER PLUS ceramic cutter is specially designed for cutting porcelain sheets with formats greater than 300 cm x 100 cm and with thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm.

The set consists of: 3 guides of 110 cm; 1 scoring carriage with Ø22 mm EXTREME roller (ref. 01901); 1 separating pliers; 3 fixing suction cups, and a reinforced nylon carry bag.

The guides are made of aluminum and are assembled together to guarantee a perfect score, always 1 cm from the edge of the guide itself. The suction cups will help us to fix the guide on the tile and prevent it from moving. The guides also have two silicone strips to help fixation.

The scoring carriage, with a handle to facilitate the work, mounts a Ø 22 mm tungsten carbide roller with bearings, especially to carry out those jobs with large scores.

The pliers are in charge of making sure that we can separate the tile after scoring, allowing us to work with materials up to 10 mm thick. For pieces with thicknesses from 11 to 15 mm, the use of the SLIM SEPARATOR (ref. 18917) is recommended.

This entire system is supplied in a practical textile bag with interior compartments and with the necessary tools for assembly.

The SLIM CUTTER PLUS manual cutter is a cutting system specially designed for porcelain sheets of large dimensions and fragile at the same time, so it is very interesting to be able to make the first cut before moving them.

The way of working with the SLIM CUTTER PLUS manual cutter is very simple and offers us a solution with guarantees for working with this type of tile.

This cutting system, together with the rest of the products in RUBI’s SLAB SYSTEM range, offers the perfect equipment for cutting and laying porcelain sheets of these characteristics, making cutting a simple job and giving us guarantees in the transportation and placement.


ITEM NO.: 18980 – DB nr .: 1421869 – Maintenance Kit

ITEM NO.: 18914 – DB nr .: 1900575 – 22 mm Scoring Wheel
ITEM NO.: 01901 – DB nr .: 1985643 – 22 mm Scoring Wheel Extreme

ITEM NO.: 18910 – DB nr .: 1900575 – Slim System Easy Trans
ITEM NO.: 18913 – DB nr .: 1985643 – Slim System Cutter Guide 110 cm.
ITEM NO.: 18917 – DB nr .: 1985643 – Separador Slim

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310 cm

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