Among the different options that RUBI offers to professionals for the removal of cementitious grout joints, we will highlight the revolutionary electric scraper RUBISCRAPER-250 and its innovative and patented blade (exclusive product of RUBI). Within the main advantages of the RUBISCRAPER-250 stand out: the ease with which we can control the depth of removal, its high robustness, the fact that it does not generate dust since it does not work by friction, the self-guided system that allows us to always stay inside the joint and possibly the most relevant aspect, minimize the risk of damaging or breaking * the ceramic tiles during the process.

The RUBISCRAPER-250 electric scraper is the fastest and safest option to remove cement-based grout joints, since unlike other systems available (grinder, oscillating, etc.), its tungsten carbide blades do not work friction, but uses a pneumatic like action for the removal of grout. With an ergonomic design and its three working speeds, the RUBISCRAPER-250 allows you to carry out from small repair works and replacement of a few parts, up to the complete renovation of the entire installation.

The interchangeable blades of the RUBISCRAPER-250 can be resharpened and are available in various sizes to suit the different existing grout widths. In RUBI we have always been concerned about the health of the professional. Within the design of our tools is always very present the concept of ergonomics, since we believe that safety and the fact of minimizing the risks of injury at work are essential for health and for proper execution.


ITEM NO.: 66810 – DB nr .: 1866032 – 1,5 mm grout blade
ITEM NO.: 66811 – DB nr .: 1866033 – 2 mm grout blade
ITEM NO.: 66812 – DB nr .: 1866034 – 3 mm grout blade
ITEM NO.: 66813 – DB nr .: 1866035 – 4 mm grout blade

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