RUBI ND-180 Electric Cutter


The ND-180 electric cutter and mitre saw falls into the portable cutter category.

Its small size (39.5 x 38.5 x 24.5 cm) and light weight (11.8 kg) make it an ideal electric cutter and mitre saw for carrying out finishes and renovations. Allowing the professional tile fixer to make the necessary cuts at all times, in the same workplace, reducing travel, corrections and downtime.

Its low water consumption and the possibility of fitting a work tray (accessory not included) make it one of the cleanest mitre saws on the market.

With the ND-180 cutter we can make cuts in ceramic tiles, especially and intensively in ceramic and stoneware tiles.

Its 0.7 HP single-phase motor includes a thermal protector that protects it from moments of excessive force.

The ND-180 is equipped with a 180 mm diameter, CEV type blade for general ceramic tile cutting.

The metal table is adjustable, and can be set to up to 45° to make mitre cuts.

The ND-180 cutter and mitre saw also includes a lateral stop for repetitive cuts and a template for 45° angle cuts.

Those users who prefer better portability and greater protection of this cutter have a version with a transport case that includes a second additional diamond blade. The case can in turn be used as a support table for the ND-180 cutter.

Max. Flisebredde

∞ cm

Max. Flise længde

∞ cm

Max. Diagonalsnit

∞ cm

Max. Tykkelse

35 mm

Klinge Diameter mm

180 mm

Motorstørrelse kW

0,5kW - 230V-50Hz.

Vægt kg.

13,16 kg

Vare nr.

U. BOKS 25925 / M. BOKS 25945

Tun nr.

U. BOKS 1421723 / M. BOKS 1421880