Staring adsorption dehumidifiers remove moisture using a continuously rotating rotor/wheel. A highly efficient yet quiet fan draws air into the dehumidifier and increases its speed as it passes through the absorbent rotor. As the air passes through the rotor, the hygroscopic membrane absorbs nearly all the moisture, creating a very dry airflow. Most of this airflow is discharged directly from the dehumidifier as dry air. However, some of this air is separated and passed through a water heater where the temperature is raised. This air is now channeled back through a section of the rotor. As this air passes back through the membrane, the temperature increases, and the moisture evaporates. The air then discharged is warm. This process is repeated continuously.

Application: Staring adsorption dehumidifiers are designed for indoor use. However, they can be placed both inside and outside the room being dehumidified. If necessary, a hose can be connected for both exhaust and/or intake, drawing air from other rooms that need drying. However, when discharging humid air, it should be directed outside of the room being dehumidified. When the dehumidifier is placed outside of the room to be dehumidified, a flexible hose is connected to the dry air exhaust, and it is directed into the room that requires dehumidification. The intake air can also come from the room to be dried and be drawn out via a flexible hose, but since the dehumidifier uses this air for regeneration, a Y-connector should be used to introduce outside air as well.

Performance L/day

25L/day(27 ̊c RH60%)

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